Voltage Optimisation

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Voltage Optimisation

Voltis Home – Domestic Voltage Optimisation

Electricity bills keep going up and up much to the dismay of everyone in the UK. Marshall Tufflex has therefore developed Voltis Home, which is a simple way of bringing them back down again.

The Voltis Home voltage optimisation offers substantial savings on your electricity bills and also helps you to be kinder to both the environment and your electrical appliances.

How it works

Here in the UK, voltage is supplied at around 242 volts and electrical equipment manufacturers produce products that work anywhere between 207 volts and 253 volts. The oversupply is wasted energy which not only costs money, but also causes appliances to wear out more quickly.

This is because they deal with the extra voltage by generating extra heat or vibration. By installing a Voltis Home unit, voltage will typically be reduced to around 220 volts, ensuring all appliances and circuits run perfectly well. In reality, this is the power supply they were actually designed to run most efficiently at.

Key benefits

  1. Reduces energy usage and carbon footprint.
  2. Increases the life of household appliances.
  3. Easy to install by a qualified electrician.
  4. Greater savings compared to other systems.

Voltis Home is suitable for virtually all homes. However, it is recommended that an electrician measures the incoming voltage prior to an installation, should incoming voltage be below 230 volts.

The unit is installed between the electricity meter and consumer unit. Installation is very straightforward, but must be carried out by one of our qualified electricians. Voltis Home will start saving you money on your electric bill from the moment it is installed.

Marshall Tufflex Voltis Home unit (Model number VH60HD) fully installed price is £450 plus VAT. For further details on this energy saving kit please contact us on 01302 966169 .