Frozen Pipes Services

GES Mechanical has the perfect solution to help you avoid frozen pipes during the cold winter months.

Frozen Pipes Services

Avoid Frozen Pipes During Winter

With climate change and extreme weather variations becoming increasingly common in the UK, and very cold winters with temperatures as low as -15°c, GES Mechanical has the perfect solution to help you avoid frozen pipes during the cold winter months.

Avoid frozen pipes

Thousands of people have suffered the fate of frozen pipes in the last couple of years and the damage can be devastating. Worcester have developed a product which is designed to prevent external condensate pipes freezing. This clever device can be fitted to any condensing boiler, either at the time of installation or as a retrofit.

The Worcester CondenseSure device has been extensively tested under simulated extreme weather conditions and proved its effectiveness in preventing frozen condensate at -15°C for a sustained period of 48 hours.

The analysis also concluded that by emptying the condensate in large volumes and leaving the pipework empty of condensate for longer periods, was the most effective way of preventing freezing taking place.

The majority of condensing boilers have internal syphons of around 100ml and a typical condensing boiler when running in full condensing mode can generate approximately two litres of condensate an hour.

Therefore in these instances the internal boiler syphon can discharge every three minutes, meaning the pipework is rarely fully emptied of condensate which of course means it is susceptible to freezing.

With Worcester’s new CondenseSure product, the syphon empties approximately every 15 minutes resulting in the pipework not having any condensate within it to freeze for long periods.

How it Works

CondenseSure consists of a syphonic trap and insulation, which connects to the condensate outlet pipe of the boiler and can then be attached to the heating flow pipe of the boiler.

As the condensate discharge pipework leaves the boiler, the condensate is collected in the CondenseSure syphon. The condensate subsequently discharges automatically in 500ml quantities through the externally run discharge pipework to drain outside.

The volume of the condensate discharged, together with the additional free ‘parasitic’ heat from the boiler flow-pipe produces the anti-freezing effect. Unlike some of the other devices on the market, no electricity is required to prevent the condensate from freezing.

Features and Benefits

  1. No power consumption. No electrical wiring connection or supply needed, meaning zero running costs.
  2. No moving parts, no failure of components.
  3. Can be installed on new or existing installations, suitable for any gas or oil-fired condensing boiler.
  4. Can be attached to 22mm heating flow pipework, uses free energy from the pipe to heat the condensate.
  5. Under boiler or remote installation, offers good flexibility.
  6. No electrical connections, no electrician or Part P requirement needed.
  7. No pipe insulation needed, both cost saving and aesthetically pleasing.

This new product is available now and can be fully installed for a special price of just £150 (Including VAT).

For more details on this superb product, give GES Mechanical a call on 01302 966169 to avoid frozen pipes and the heartache of flooding in your home or place of work.