Why Renewable Energy is Important for the Future of our Society

Labour leader Ed Miliband has recently gone on record and has stated that he will put a stop to the profiteering ‘big six’ energy companies price hikes if his party wins the next general election.

Miliband’s comments are very welcome but well overdue. The ever-increasing costs of energy prices are making it harder and harder for people to heat their homes during the winter months. Something needs to be done, sooner rather than later, before the general election which is planned for May 2015.

So why does the cost of gas and electricity keep rising so quickly? Good question. The energy companies put the increase down to the wholesale prices for global supplies of fossil fuel. However, Miliband doesn’t agree with their stance and has publicly accused the energy companies of being greedy and overcharging their customers.

The politics of the matter will continue to run forever and a day and does it really matter who or what you believe anymore? What clearly is apparent from this spat though is that all signs point to the increasing attractiveness of renewable energy.

Going green is no longer viewed as being a luxury. Consumers are genuinely concerned about the price of their utility bills and are being proactive rather than reactive as the cost of gas and electricity won’t come down any time soon, if ever.

GES Mechanical can therefore help reduce your bills with the wide range of renewable energy technologies that are available. We can also explain why going green is a great investment opportunity and talk you through the government’s generous payback schemes and grants that are currently on offer.

Marcus Payne, managing director of GES Mechanical, said: “The renewable sector is gathering momentum and our customers are realising that going green makes good economic sense.

“The renewable sector my company operates in the only permanent and guaranteed way of reducing strain from the grid and cutting gas and electric bills.

“We simply cannot continue to rely on costly fossil fuels for our energy needs anymore and I don’t think anyone can deny that renewable energy deserves its place at the table for economic and environment reasons alone.”

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