Solar Power for Bridlington’s Salvation Army

The Salvation Army in Bridlington, East Yorkshire is benefitting from a sustainable energy overhaul thanks to a solar power system from GES Mechanical UK Ltd Doncaster.

The charity, which operates from an old Wesleyan Chapel close to the town centre, recently received a substantial sum of money from a benefactor, and the decision was made to have both solar photo-voltaic (PV) and solar thermal panels installed on the building’s roof.

After a thorough assessment of the charity’s energy requirements, GES Mechanical provided 18 Solarworld PV panels which collectively will provide 3.96 KWP of every hour. As part of the government’s 25 year Feed-in-Tariff scheme, whereby electricity generated is fed back to the national grid, the charity stands to benefit from between £1400 and £1800 per year.

After nine years, the initial outlay will have been completely recovered. In addition, three Hewalex solar thermal panels were installed on the building’s roof and they have the capacity to heat 300 litres of water and will reduce the building’s annual water heating bills by an amazing 70%.

The charity’s regional development manager, Paul Chiverton, said: “Not only are we benefitting on a monthly basis from vastly reduced electricity bills, we know that the investment we have made will be fully paid back within a few years.

“Our benefactor’s donation is therefore being used very astutely and effectively and that was an important consideration for us.

“The kind donations that we receive are heavily directed at the needy people that we care for rather than maintaining our properties. That’s a very strong message that we can communicate in our fundraising efforts.”

Commenting on the installation service Paul added: “We were delighted with the service provided by GES Mechanical. The process only took two full days and there was minimum disruption to our staff and operations.

“I would recommend the company to any charity organisation considering sustainable energy and its remarkable cost savings.

“Marcus and his team are knowledgeable, reliable and professional, and can be depended on to do an excellent job.”

For all your solar power and other green energy needs, contact GES Mechanical of Doncaster on 01302 966169 . Alternatively you can learn more about their products and services by clicking here.