Thermodynamic Solar System Installed at the Seaside

The renewable energy engineers at GES Mechanical UK Ltd have been on their travels of late and have installed a thermodynamic solar system in Falmouth, Cornwall.

Derrick Price first discovered thermodynamic solar systems after reading an article about them in the March edition of Grand Designs magazine. The article featured GES Mechanical and Derrick made a call to the Doncaster based company to gather more information.

A single panel thermodynamic solar system (model no. 280ENC) was duly installed at Derrick’s property which is suitable for medium to large households. It has a coil fitted within the tank to provide a quicker recharge for large quantities of water.

Derrick said: “The main reason for having a thermodynamic solar system installed was to provide a green energy hot water system which would be independent of our gas fired central heating.”

Thermodynamic solar panels offer ultimate sustainability and will produce hot water 24 hours a day; 365 days a year come rain, shine or even snow. You therefore no longer have to rely on the power of the sun to provide you with hot water as with traditional solar thermal panels.

Traditional solar thermal panels only enable you to gain heat from the sun for approximately 60% of the year due to the UK’s seasonal climate. The rest of the year you will have to rely on a back-up system (gas or oil fired boiler for example) to provide your hot water which only adds to your energy costs.

Key Features of Thermodynamic Solar Systems:

  1. Provides 100% of your hot water
  2. Provides 55°C hot water
  3. No need to be south facing and can be wall mounted
  4. Excellent thermal efficiency
  5. Significantly reduces carbon emissions
  6. Even works in winter (as low as -15°C) and during the night

Marcus Payne, managing director of GES Mechanical, said: “More and more people are becoming aware of thermodynamics and the financial benefits that are associated with them.

“We’ve had lots of enquires over the last few months and there’s a strong interest in this technology both in the domestic and commercial sector – there’s certainly a buzz.

“Once they’re installed, you will effectively receive free hot water throughout the year. There’s a small compressor to power, which is a key part of the system, but its running costs are minimal.

“I’m delighted Derrick chose GES Mechanical to install his system and I’m sure his gas bills will be significantly less in the months and years to come.”

Derrick added: “Marcus and his team provided a very prompt and efficient installation and I would highly recommend this system to anyone.”

For further information on thermodynamics, contact GES Mechanical on 01302 966169 to discover the fantastic money savings you can make with a thermodynamic solar system.